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On being an atheist

The son of French and Portuguese families, I was brought up Catholic. I went to Sunday school every week – it actually takes place on Wednesdays in France – until my early teens. It was a good excuse to meet friends to trade Pokemon cards, so I didn’t mind. I also got dragged to…

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Holding my hands up: I was wrong about laïcité

Laïcité is the French principle of state secularism. It is based upon the separation of church and stately institutions, including the government and education system. Laïcité was born in the context of Catholicism’s stronghold over a fast diversifying France. It aimed to nullify Catholic influence in national affairs to create an environment of…

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Blogging for your life

Yesterday, I wrote about the horrible attacks committed by Islamic fundamentalists, which once again struck the heart of France, and the civilised world along with her. Today I’d like to discuss other victims of religious fundamentalism. Because whilst terrorism is not (quite) a daily occurrence, state and mainstream fundamentalism are in…

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