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If Google was a country

Google is the world’s most popular search engine. All in all, it accounts for over 70% of all online searches worldwide, far ahead of its main competitor Bing (about 10%). That’s a lot of searches. Google is not only the main preoccupation of my job as an SEO, it has become…

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Tidal: Music’s greedy Avengers

(source: Earlier this week, the most talented and influential names of international music met up to promote Jay-Z’s new music streaming subscription service, Tidal. Launched in October last year, it was recently purchased by the American rapper for over $50 million. Unlike other networks like Spotify, Tidal is said…

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SEO: my job in a nutshell

What one does for a living is a common topic of conversation. However in my case, people tend to switch off quickly when I try to explain my job, and I often give in by using the broad, rather unhelpful ‘I work in digital marketing’. I work in SEO, for Search Engine Optimisation. In…

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