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Blogger’s guide to Google Search Console

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools before a rather unnecessary rebranding exercise, Google Search Console is a free tool you can install to track tons of data about your blog. This includes numbers related to search engines performance, and a range of technical parameters to assess user experience. GCS is…

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5 easy steps to make your blog SEO friendly

Nowadays most blogs get the majority of their visitors from social media channels, which alone can drive thousands of hits every month. In fact, social platforms like Twitter are now so popular they are effectively search engines of their own. And yet, optimising your site for Google can attract drive tons…

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2016 blogging goals

It’s that time of the year again, when we all make overly ambitious New Year resolutions and commitments we know we’ll never stick to. So instead of making another set of endless promises I’ve no intention of actually following (finally stepping into a gym, drinking less, giving up Facebook, don’t pretend you…

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Blogging for your life

Yesterday, I wrote about the horrible attacks committed by Islamic fundamentalists, which once again struck the heart of France, and the civilised world along with her. Today I’d like to discuss other victims of religious fundamentalism. Because whilst terrorism is not (quite) a daily occurrence, state and mainstream fundamentalism are in…

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