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How long have you lived in the UK for, and why did you move?

I moved to the UK in 2007. My dad got a job in London and used to actually live here during the week and come home to France at weekends. Eventually, we moved over.

How did you get on with the language?

I was always quite good at English at school, but obviously there’s a world between language lessons and ‘real life’ stuff. It probably took a couple of years to really pick everything up, and my accent became less strong over time too. I managed to pass exams after a year here though, so I must’ve done something right! 🙂

Would you ever move back to France?

Maybe, not any time soon though. I like London too much, and I don’t think I’d really enjoy working in France either.

Do you think/dream in French or in English?

I can’t tell, stop asking me!

What’s your favourite thing to do in London?

Being able to turn into a tourist for the day, even though I live here all year round.

What do you miss most not living in France?

Baguette and family. Possibly in that order..

How did you get into blogging?

I deal with bloggers on a daily basis for my job, so it’s a world I’ve had to become part of professionally anyway. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and like the idea of owning something on which I can express myself fully without boundaries. So yeah, I guess it makes sense!

So, do you support PSG or Arsenal?

Funnily enough, me supporting two teams never used to be an issue when PSG were shit – just saying. Paris was my local team growing up, and I’ve always liked and followed Arsenal because of the French influence within the team. So obviously, when I moved to London I became a big fan.

I’d like to work with you. Interested?

Yeah course, open to interesting opportunities. Contact details in the top navigation.