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The Thai chronicles, part 7: back where it all began

Day 23

Final stop, Bangkok! With the weather being so bad in Phuket, I figure I’ll just make the most of unfinished business in the capital before I leave. Besides I still haven’t seen Chakutak’s weekend market. I’ll go tomorrow.

I fly with Thai Lion air. They’re shit. I have to queue over an hour just to check in. On the bright side, they take my giant suitcase and forget to charge me extra for it. The perks of incompetence.

The hostel I picked, Suneta, is located near Khao San road – the lively party street and crime scene of phonegate, if you remember my earlier adventures. Met up with a friend from Chiang Mai who’s also ending her trip here. Night in Khao San. Also, I ate a scorpion!

Day 24

Finally got the chance to visit Chatuchak, Bangkok’s famous weekend market. With an estimated 8,000 stalls lining, it is one of the world’s largest markets.

A lot of the sellers had the same stuff: bags, cool T-shirt, souvenirs, etc. Apparently it’s controversial as a centre of trade in illegal wildlife. I didn’t see any of that, but I did see a shop selling giant Nazi flags. That was a bit different.

The market is worth visiting just for its sheer size. That being said, I got better deals in Chiang Mai, where initial prices were lower and sellers more likely to accept a little bargaining game.

Went to the sky bar in the evening. Free entry, but about 1000 baht per drink. This would actually be considered expensive anywhere. The view is definitely worth it though. I go with a group of 5 girls. Learning so much tonight.

Night out in Khao San again. Think I’ve finally overdosed on ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Despacito’. I barge into the guy I’m 99% sure stole my phone in this very same place. Self control is the order of the day.

Day 25

Went back to the MBK center and chilled with friends. One of them also had her phone stolen, so I helped her choose a new one. Said some goodbyes.

Headed for the food market near Khao San for a greedy sesh. I think the delicious taste, accessibility and cheap cost of street food is what I’ll miss most about Thailand. Final full day tomorrow. Can’t believe it’s over.

Day 26

The big day. I fly home first thing in the morning. Bit sad. I go for a last wander round, tuk tuk ride, pad Thai, ice coffee, massage. Literally all the greatest hits.

Last temple visit too. Went to Wat Pho, one of Bangkok’s main sights which I’d missed out first time round. It has some cool little peaking towers. It is also home to the reclining Buddha, a giant lying down statue. He looks chilled out. I’ve seen so many PSG shirts here. The Neymar hype is attracting a lot of new ‘fans’, it would seem.

Blew money on some Indian voodoo fortune teller dude, who evidently had a good pen and paper trick. Can’t work out how he did it. Creeps me out. Anyway, I’ll be pretty mad if I get unlucky in the next few months. Or don’t die in my sleep after a good meal, as promised. Conversation sort of went:

Do you believe in God? No

Say his name. God?

Do you believe in Him? No

But you believe in something? No

Sometimes? Erm, no.

On the bright side, I bargained a taxi driver to take me to the airport for a third of what I paid on my first day. I’ve come a long way.

Thailand: until next time, it’s been an absolute blast.

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