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The Thai chronicles, part 6: Phuket 2.0, that second failed attempt

Day 20

As my final week in Thailand begins, I decide to head back to Phuket for a few days of chilling on the beach and partying. I don’t really have time to properly explore another country in the area and don’t want to rush, so it’ll be for next time. Update: since the time of writing this, I realised I totally had time to pop into Cambodia or something. Never mind!

Also, if I must return to grey October London I’ll need a final dose of sun and beach. Night out with 2 Australian girls I met at my new hostel. Fun times, although I get attacked by a ladyboy on my way home. No stranger on the street’s ever aggressively grabbed my balls to get my attention before. Spoiler: it got my attention.

I also had an argument with the taxi, who took forever to find my place and tried to overcharge me on the basis that he saved me from a ladyboy mugging. We erm…agree to disagree.

Day 21

Moved into a hotel. Can’t remember the last time I had so much peace and space to myself. It’s amazing! Not much to report. Mansoon is finally delivering and it’s pissing down outside, so I decide to have a non-day.

This includes a Thai massage and fresh evening food from a local market, as usual. This is very much the eat-everything-you-can before leaving part of the trip.

It is nice to get a bit of a break from the mosquito attacks. Still, my whole plan to catch some beach before I leave isn’t going well.

Day 22

Nursing the latest hangover. At least I have a nice room and comfy bed to do that. Headed to Bangla walking street for food. There is a lot of tourist food here, but you can still find very nice Thai restaurants for cheap.

Random observation: I’ve seen a lot of fat old white guys with young Thai girlfriends since I’ve been here. Still double take when I see it. Weird. Random observation #2: Thailand is a great country to buy cheap, freshly pressed fruit shakes. Highly recommend.

I get stopped a lot by dealers offering me to buy drugs. None taken. Weather still shit and doesn’t look like getting better. In hindsight, I should’ve gone to Pai with the Chiang Mai crew. Kinda fucked up, need to admit defeat on this one.

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