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The Thai chronicles, part 4: Phi Phi paradise

Day 8

Got chatting to some guy in the lobby this morning. Apparently it’s easy to go Phi Phi island from here. I’ve heard good things about it, and everyone I speak with seem to gravitate there. Change of plan, I’m back on the move!

I catch the first moped taxi (still no helmet provided) towards the pier, and a 2 hour boat to the island. I stick with my lobby friend, who isn’t clinically insane like my previous buddy. I like that in a person. Found a hostel, Slinky, which overlooks the beach. The owner is grumpy.

The parties here are awesome and right on the shore. In fact, sea water comes up to your shoes by the end of the night if you have the misfortune of wearing any.

There are fire shows, and lots of fun games with free drinks give aways. I’m sure you’ll see embarrassing video of me somewhere. Bumped into more people from Phuket. Small world. There are lots of Brits and Australians out here to ‘find themselves’, i.e delay having to find a job. And who can blame them?

Day 9

After a few crazy days involving long commutes, heavy drinking and partying, I take it easy and just wander round. I signed up to be a traveler, not freaking Charlie Sheen. The beach here is truly beautiful, scattered with those cool little fishing boats. The sea is Hollywood blockbuster turquoise – if that’s not already a phrase, it should be.

There are no roads or cars at all, so you always walk through little backstreets. The air is clean, and there are literally hundreds of wild cats chilling inside bars and shops. I take tons of pics. As with Phuket, the food is less ‘exotic’ than in Bangkok. I miss the street stands.

I spend the evening in a bar catching up on football over a few drinks. Local beer like Singha, Chang or Leo is super cheap.¬†Fuck, didn’t realise the hostel was so close to beach parties and bars. FAR too noisy to sleep.

Day 10

I came out here looking for adventure. Today, I found it. Went on an all-day boat trip around the islands, which began with a free bar before lunchtime. We went round all the famous spots, including Monkey Island. I finally saw some monkeys, and even had a couple climb onto my head, which was wicked!

We went on snorkelling – which I’m shit at – and also visited the famous Maya Bay from ‘The Beach’. I’ve not actually watched ‘The Beach’, but now I’ve seen the beach. Feels the wrong way around. Anyway, I also jumped off a boat, which was cool.

The trip ends on a private beach with unlimited food and booze. Unfortunately, we were caught in a storm. Monsoon and that. We had to swim back to the boats, which couldn’t get close enough to pick us up due to awful weather conditions.

Some injuries as people step on sea lice while attempting to work their way to safety. People jumped back on board bleeding like a scene from Jaws, and the journey back was shaky to say the least. Cool day overall. Another one for the near-death experience list. Barged into yet another girl from Phuket tonight. Small world indeed.

Day 11

Waking up to the sound of monsoon storm. Better stay indoors for now. Also, pretty sure I stepped on something dodgy during the storm yesterday. I’ll need to get that checked when I go home. Thai massage number 4. I ask for an oil one this time – I figure that can’t be applied with knees and elbows, so I might avoid last time’s trauma. Really good.

Tried kayaking for the first time, then chilled on the beach until sunset. I went to a bar which showed ‘The Beach’ on a big screen. Good film.

Ended the night watching hopelessly drunk tourists have a go Thai boxing in a bar with a Chilean friend and some Brits we met. Quite funny.

Back on the move tomorrow…

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