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The Thai chronicles, part 3: Phuket decadence

Day 5

It’s Day 5 and I still haven’t seen the sea. Can’t have that. I fly to Phuket tonight, and booked a hostel via HostelWorld. It’s a great little app to find places to stay, very detailed in providing location info and user ratings. I’d definitely recommend.

The airport is quite far out from Patong beach, where I’m staying. Thankfully, there are minibus services that take you straight to your hostel.

The Bearpacker is awesome. Located a few minutes from the main party area Bangla Road but away from the noise, it’s also right by the beach. It has clean rooms and bathrooms, nice staff and a swimming pool open til 1am.

I met some crazy Canadian on the bus. He’s got the whole ‘fuck noodles, where can I get a proper steak around here?’ American thing going on, but is great fun to party with. Crazy night in Phuket straight off the plane. Might stay here a while.

Day 6

Went on a freaking jet ski today!! Never done it before, and they just let me have a go on my own. So cool. Went for a swim, too. The water is nice and warm – no need for that toe poke shit we do before going in back home.

Unlike Bangkok which felt like a culture shock, this is very touristy and catered to foreigners. It’s less ‘authentic’, but sometimes ‘safe’ is nice too. The main downside is the relative lack of cheap local food compared to Bangkok.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink, lots of outdoor activities and everything is close by. Warning: Patong is not the most family-friendly area. Buzzing party life, in a Sin City sort of way.

Day 7

Still sticking with the weird Canadian guy for now. He’s definitely not sane but he cracks me up, and we have a good time. In exchange, I make sure he stays alive. Fair deal.

Spent most of the day drinking beer on the beach and chilling. Night out. Just another day in Phuket.

Random observation: a lot of toilets in Thailand don’t have paper. Make sure you carry tissues around, or brace yourself for: the hose.

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