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First impressions on the latest The Last Jedi trailer

kylo ren meditating

Disclaimer: this isn’t even a sponsored post, I’m just an absolute nerd.

The official Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer is out! After an intriguing teaser which gave little away about the plot, the new clip sets a clearer picture of the conflicts at stake in the Force Awakens’ upcoming sequel.

First things first – hopefully spoilers – it looks fucking awesome! TLJ seems like a movie with much more depth and moral nuance than previous installments. The trailer appears to reveal quite a bit, though I suspect much of that is down to tactful, purposely misleading editing. They’ve done this before.

Anyway, here are some of the things we may look forward to this Christmas in a galaxy far, far away.luke skywalker mechanical hand holding lightsaber

Grumpy Luke
The teaser trailer already implied that things weren’t quite right with the old Skywalker, when he dropped that line about the Jedi needing to end which sent social media into meltdown.

The trailer confirms Luke’s reluctance to get back into the mentor role, as he is shown terrified upon discovering the extent of Rey’s Force powers. After his failure to raise a new order and prevent Kylo Ren from turning to the dark side, it looks like Luke will reject the wannabe trainee. This would be an epic twist, portraying a character who had previously represented hope and good as an emotionally broken cynic.

The end of Leia?
Following Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing last December, there has been much speculation about what the future holds for Princess Leia. Thankfully for Lucasfilm, Fisher had already finished shooting her scenes for Episode 8 by that time. And yet, one would assume circumstances leave the filmmakers little choice other than kill off the character on screen.

The trailer features a scene where Kylo Ren, aboard his tie fighter, leads an assault against Leia’s starship. He then faces the same test he had with his father. Will he press the trigger again? Personally, I suspect not. Surely this would be too big a spoiler to give away at this stage…

Snoke in the flesh
One thing we know for sure thanks to a brief shot is that Supreme Leader Snoke will make his full on screen debut. Previously, he only featured as a hologram. So we’ll finally find out if he’s actually a giant.

The trailer also hints at a face off between Snoke and Rey, with the Sith-monster-evil-whatever thingy torturing the young Jedi. Again, could be an editing job, but I don’t think so.captain phasma preparing to fight finn

Finn v Phasma at last
Much was made of Captain Phasma’s rather limited, Darth-Maul like contribution to The Force Awakens.

Now it seems the silver toy is gearing up for some proper scenes, including a battle against treator in chief Finn. There was a bit of a missed opportunity last time round, when Finn took on a random stormtrooper in hand combat instead of his former boss.

This time though, it looks like it’s ON. And I can’t wait.

gorilla walkers from star wars the last jedi

Another visual treat
Here’s another thing we already know for sure: we’re in for a visual masterclass again. I wrote in my review that Rogue One was the most accomplished SW film to date when it comes to special effects. The Death Star attack scenes and the CGI Tarkin were personal highlights.

The Last Jedi should also be a stunning spectacle. The glimpse of fighting scenes both in space and land look glorious. The gorilla walkers look cool.  I really need to try and get IMAX tickets this year.

rey holding luke's lightsaber

Darth Rey?
Last but not least, the end of the trailer is pretty striking. As an overwhelmed Rey ponders about finding her place in the galaxy, a hand reaches out to her. Nope, it isn’t Luke. It’s Kylo Ren.

The second act of the original trilogy was also the darkest, bringing a white knight hero to doubt everything he’d ever believed about right and wrong, question his allegiances and experience the dark side for the first time.

Will we witness the unthinkable, with Rey turning evil in light of Luke’s rejection? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. And it would be wicked.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out on 15th December in the UK. Check it out:

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