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A French guy in Cornwall

(Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are mine)

The other day, I spent a few days in Hayle for what was my first visit to Cornwall. Given the current state of British ‘summer’ in London, it was amazing – and a bit surreal – to get away for a weekend of beach and sun.

We were so lucky with the weather it felt a bit like going abroad. I even tanned, despite my friend calling it sunburn.

We stayed at the Travelodge in Hayle, conveniently located a few minutes drive from the beach – and a slightly longer but nonetheless pleasant walk for the brave like us.

We spent much of our time chilling and walking along the beach, occasionally stopping by to check out an eccentric local shop or enjoy local beer and food. Cornish pasty’s pretty good, and well publicised:

Our wanders took us along the coastlines, past some ridiculously well-located seaside mansions worth the price of a London cupboard – of course we checked.

We also spent some time in St Ives, another nice little coastside village. I would definitely recommend the area for a chilled holiday, and will likely come back for a longer stay. Who knows, I might even be house hunting for a summer home by then. Here are a few more pics:

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