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There’s a new tube app to arrange perfect meeting spots

As Londoners, we’ve all had that inevitably awkward conversation when you try to agree where to meet a mate who lives on the complete other side of the city. Thanks to new app Meetie, you can now find the optimal meeting spot so no one has to travel stupid distances.

Inventor Chris Arthurs came up with the idea behind the Android app nine months ago, after getting frustrated trying to meet up with his own friends. The app includes all London transports including the Underground, DLR, Crossrail and Overground and finds the fairest middle points where you could meet up.

There’s also a slider tool which you can use to adapt travel distances for either party. Once you pick a spot, the app can also suggest things to do locally.

As someone who lives pretty high up the Northern lines and has friends scattered all over the city – some arguably not even really in London – this could come pretty handy!

You can Download Meetie London here.

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