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Off to Thailand or a month!

I feel like I should put up a blog post about this one. That being said, to most of my friends who I’ve been consistently (and no doubt irritatingly) reminding over the past few weeks, this will hardly be news. Yep, I’ll be heading to Thailand in September and staying for the month. It will be my first solo travel experience, and the furthest I’ve ever been from home. I can’t wait!

It will be a welcome break. I don’t usually get personal here because ya know, I’m not a teenage girl, this isn’t Tumblr and no one gives a shit. I’ll make an exception because the last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster. I’ve been promoted at work, but it’s fallen short of my expectations. I’ve been through girl problems as well, some too close to comfort for my liking.

I’ve been busy, too busy. Although I love it here, after almost 5 years working in London I’ve grown tired of its hecticness, and need a break. I’ve seen many people come and go. Mainly though they go, and that can be hard. I’ve missed family. It’s been interesting, stressful, overwhelming. It’s gone quickly, sometimes too much to be fully appreciated.

Anyway, I’ll take a step back. In my search for something fulfilling, I’ll be leaving my comfortable job in an outstanding team to start and lead a new department from scratch elsewhere. It’s a risk, but that’s why I’m doing it. Before this new challenge, I’ll get my deserved rest out in South East Asia.

Despite my mates thinking I’ll wake up dead within 24 hours of setting foot in Bangkok – to be fair, I give them few reasons to think otherwise – life’s too short to be spent inside one’s comfort zone. So I’ll take myself out of mine. It kinda worries me, but it’s exciting.

Let’s see how this one goes.

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