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A French guy in Salzburg

The second part of our trip to Austria took us to Salzburg. A couple of hours (and crucially, only 25 euros) away from Vienna on the train, Salzburg is the country’s other must-visit city. It’s definitely worth the detour if you’re traveling in the region.

Much smaller than the capital, Salzburg is famous as the hometown of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And that, it certainly doesn’t fail to remind you. Every street corner reveals an unlikely effigy of the classical genius, from chocolate boxes, to statues to weird puppets and more. It’s quite funny at times, occasionally disturbing.

Salzburg is a truly beautiful little place. Take away the few cars parked around hinting at modernity, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve traveled back in time to a traditional 18th century town centre. Churches, old fashion artisan shops and horse carriages are everywhere. Even the McDonald’s sign looked a bit feudal.

We only stayed around for a couple of day, enough time to get around the main attractions which are largely located in the old compact centre, have a few nice meals and go out.

Salzburg is small, so I’d probably recommend staying 3 days tops unless you’re planning a big hike in the beautiful surrounding mountains. I for one couldn’t be arsed. It’s a pretty expensive place, perhaps even more so than Vienna (they, too, will charge you for individual ketchup sachets! What’s up with these people??)

As far as things to visit, I’d definitely recommend checking out the old fortress. The inside is pretty cool, and so are the amazing panoramic views from the top. Mozart’s house was pretty good too, although it’s located above a supermarket which is just bizarre. Here are a few more pics:

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