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At the FA Cup Final!

It’s been a tough season for the Arsenal – what am I saying, it’s been a fucking dreadful season! But attending last weekend’s FA Cup Final and witnessing such an accomplished and determined performance from the team is undoubtedly one of my greatest live football memories.

From the revenant Mertesacker to many of this year’s disgraced players like Ramsey, Xhaka and Bellerin: it was great to see the guys finally step in as a proper team, showing chemistry and drive. Frankly, it could’ve ended on any score.

While this definitely leaves a bittersweet taste – where were those performances throughout the year?? – I’ll leave the post-season analysis (post-mortem seems a more appropriate term) for a later post. Let’s just hopefully call this one a glimpse of the improvement to come! Here are a few pics from the game:

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