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A French guy in Vienna

For my latest city break, I headed to Vienna with a couple of friends. The Austrian capital, renowned as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, has long been on my travel list. And it was worth the wait.

Influenced by French and German urban architecture, Vienna seems to come straight out of a Disney film. Every street corner leads the way towards another picturesque view. It is one of those places you can simply walk around for hours and be amazed. Which is pretty much what we did.

Home of my favourite dish the wiener schnitzel- it was definitely one of my reason to go – Vienna is also full of little street food stands you can buy great kebab, German sausages and even (oh fuck yes) schnitzel sandwiches from. It was especially appreciated after a night out.

I can’t talk about Viennese food without a little tribute to the waiting staff, who were probably the most consistently rude I’ve come across in any city I’ve visited – and that’s coming from a French person! Seemingly unable to crack a smile or even make eye contact, one even asked us to pay our bill in the middle of our meals because it was the end of her shift – when was this ever a thing?? Anyway, that’s that rant out of the way.

The city is expensive, especially food and drinks (coffee in particular). Most museum entries cost around 10€, which also seems a lot when you’re used to free entries virtually everywhere in the UK. Then there is the weird sauce problem, whereby all restaurants charge close to 1€ for each little sachet of ketchup or mayo. My mate got charge 6€ for chips, including 4€ on sauces. Bants. So while I love the place, I wouldn’t visit it while scrapping the end of month barrel.

We visited lots of cool placed. Here are a few which I would recommend include:

Schlosspark Schönbrunn palace and the surrounding park. Amazing area!

The amazing view and rooftop of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The view from the bar at 25 hour hotel. No need to pay to go up, and the drinks aren’t too expensive

We also went to a private classical music concerto. There are very regular, and you can buy tickets from the reps dressed in red medieval outfits who patrol everywhere around the top centre. Playing great classics from the likes of Mozart and Tchaikovsky, this was probably the best thing we did on the trip, an authentic Viennese tradition well worth experiencing.

Tip: check out the view from the 25hours Hotel rooftop bar, at the heart of the MuseumsQuartier. It’s a great stop to admire the city, and a neat little place for an evening drink. Entry is free

Top: the beautiful architecture and easily available street food

Flop: the Freud museum. Hardly any mention of his work and theories. Instead, a visit full of trivial details about his extended family’s personal life. Set in the empty family apartment, with no effort to furnish it to look authentic. More like Sigmund Fraud.


  1. Hey! Stumbled across the blog as we both contributed to the Time Out post on picnic spots 🙂 what a coincidence it looks like we both recently went to Vienna and have blogged about it! Seriously small world! Some great photos too! All the best…

    • Valentin Valentin

      Hey Emma, thanks for stopping by! Small world indeed haha. Your blog looks great btw, keep in touch 🙂

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