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A few pics from Brighton

Over the recent bank holiday weekend, my friends and I went to Brighton. The plan: to make the most of the beach on one of those rare British summer days, and have a bit of a swim for the bravest (spoilers: not me)

Cheaper, nearby and generally more chilled than London – aside from the occasional Francophobic racist drunkards you may come across along the way – it’s a cool little place to visit.

We paid £27 each for the return coach from Victoria station and hostel combined. Given the price differences with the capital though, we started making our money back as soon as we began buying drinking there. Which was pretty soon.

Between the Pier, the numerous bars, clubs and restaurants along the beach, Brighton is an awesome place for a night away and a bit of fresh air. I’d definitely recommend the trip, and will no doubt do it again myself. Here are a few pics:

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