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A French guy in Dublin

Over the recent bank holiday, I went to Dublin in what was my first trip to Ireland.So. I could pretend this was an enlightening trip, that I embraced the richness of Irish culture and history before returning home a changed man. But that’d be bullshit.

 In truth Dublin is an awesome place to party, and my 3 days in the capital were mostly spent in bars, either drunk or hanging. Pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants are absolutely everywhere. This would’ve no doubt been a great place to go to uni.

 For a French person accustomed to life in the UK, Dublin is an interesting place which seamlessly mixes European and British ways of life. The language and weather are very much English, but there’s a tram. They too have Tesco, but you’ll have to pay in Euros. I may consider it an option if the Brexit crew go all Third Reich on EU citizens.

There are a couple of cool places to see as well. St Stephens cathedral is pretty impressive, and there are some nice views by the riverside. The Guinness factory is also a must-visit. In truth, it’s the closest actual attraction we could find which isn’t solely about drinking. Sort of. Anyway, here are a few more pics from the trip.

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