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At Bunga Bunga (nothing weird, just the name of the restaurant)

The other night, my friends and I had dinner at Bunga Bunga in Covent Garden – that is, once we stopped making stupid jokes about the venue’s name. It was one of the more bizarre dining experiences I’ve ever had.

Mirrored on the basement Italian mafia family restaurants of 1980s gangster movies – think Goodfellas – the place offered a surreal combination of food and entertainment.

We had to go through a dodgy looking mock butcher fridge full of body bags to enter the underground venue. It was as creepy as unexpected, but perfectly set the scene for an evening of extreme randomness.

Our cocktails came served in Balotelli-shaped glasses, while gangsters and their pal Jesus Christ (as you do) took care of the singing and dancing. There were giant blowup pizza slices and hot dancers. At times, it hinted at turning into a weird strip club, but thankfully never did. All the staff were awesome dancers.

The food was nice, but not great. The à la carte menu cost £40 for 3 courses which is alright, although £10-15 for drinks quickly took our bill into triple figures. The entertainment was fun, and it was certainly a night to remember. Once the initial ‘what the fuck’ element vanished and we had a few drinks, we really got into it.

I personally would’ve preferred to go just for drinks rather than dinner, as the continued entertainment made it fun but ultimately hard to hear each other and properly catch up. If you’re into weird London dinner experiences, give this one a try.

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