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A few pics from Hampstead Heath and around

One of the great things about living in London – and up north in particular – is the easy access to greenery. When you have to spend daytime with your nose stuck in pollution or under people’s smelly armpits on the tube, the calm and peacefulness of parks is welcome therapy, and a nice way to end another hectic day.

Hampstead Heath is of course one of the biggest and most renown parks in the capital. The famous view from Parliament Hill, which overlooks most of the city’s landmarks, is a great little spot to chill. If you live in London and haven’t been, you’re missing a trick.

There are other nearby places such as the Hill Garden and Pergola near Golders Green which are amazing spots. Very raw and often people-free (which is a luxury round here), they don’t get the hype they deserve. Here are a few more pictures from the area.

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