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Shocking: if London were Aleppo

Syria has been torn by civil war for years now. It is getting to the dangerous point where the horrific daily news coming from the Middle East are becoming increasingly normalised. It’s sad, we think as we open the Metro over our morning coffee, but then so are tube delays. Thankfully, now Americans enjoy the presidency of a tactful tactician and fine diplomat, things should look up. No. That was sarcasm.

In this relatively peaceful city of ours, it can be hard to even empathise with the scale of death and destruction brought by the Syrian conflict. Thanks to this chilling interactive map from data visualier Hans Hack, we can get a bit of an idea. The map uses UN satellite info on the destruction of Allepo, and projects the extent of the damage onto London to bring the events into some comprehensive context.

Key landmarks such the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Olympic Stadium and the Tate Modern would’ve been entirely destroyed, whilst lovely areas including Islington and Camden would’ve also been decimated too. Needless to say the transport network would be unusable, with King’s Cross among the key stations to be wiped out. Let us hope the massacre ends soon.


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