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At the Backyard Cinema

Last weekend I went to The Last Chapel, a Tarantino-themed immersive experience organised by the Backyard Cinema. Cos you know, can’t beat a bit of Pulp Fiction with your Saturday night drinks.

Located inside the Mercato Metropolitano food market which is pretty convenient if you fancy making a greedy afternoon of the whole affair, the quirky pop-up cinema is set in an abandoned church inspired by the parish where Mia was shot in the wedding massacre from Kill Bill, deep into the Nevada Desert (well sort of, the nearest tube station’s Borough).

The screening was hosted by some crazy priest guy, who introduced the film by acting out a prelude scene and delivered a mock sermon based on the famous Ezekiel 25:17 verse from Sam Jackson’s iconic character Jules Winnefield. It was pretty cool. As part of the event, the cinema has shown a number of classics including Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs as well as non-Tarantino masterpieces like Fight Club, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and Natural Born Killers.

We had a very good night. The cinema was pretty comfy and intimate, which was cool. There were probably no more than 50 people in total, and the beanbag seats were cozy. The chapel even had its own bar, although we were a little disappointed when we realised they weren’t serving Mia’s $5 milkshake, nor that tasty-looking Kahuna burger from the opening scene. Hey Backyard people if you’re reading this, it would be a great addition next time round 🙂

The Backyard Cinema, named as such because it started from a bunch of friends projecting their favourite films onto bedsheets in their garden, regularly hosts cool alternative film nights both indoors and outdoors, often creating a physical environment surrounding the movie via in-depth set builds. Previous shows include ‘Romeo + Juliet’ with a choir, hosted on the cobbles in Camden Market.

If you’re into alternative cinema experiences and looking for a cool pop-up venue in London, give these guys a try!


  1. Such a cool place to visit, very jel. This looks awesome. Loving the tickets too 🙂 x

  2. I do love alternative cinema experiences and it’s definitely something I want to do more of this summer. I’ve done a few of the rooftop ones x

    • Valentin Valentin

      I’ve done a couple indoors but not rooftop ones! Any tips?

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