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Desperate Housemen comedy review

After receiving a breakup letter from his girlfriend, Jerôme calls his two best friends Alexis and Stéphane to try and convince her to take him back.

Standing in the sweet spot between stand up comedy and theatre play, Desperate Housemen is a hilarious hybrid show about the little every day problems of life in a relationship. Thanks for uninterrupted and tactful interactions with the crowd, it offers something different to a classic play. This makes the experience all the more immersive.

The trio all bring their own individual style of humour, and are very funny throughout their solo monologues. Most importantly, they come together very naturally, while the individual circumstances of the characters – newly single, newly coupled and long married – will give everyone in the audience something to relate to on a personal level.

I went with my parents, who absolutely pissed themselves at every reference to the little struggles of life after so long together. Although the characters are male, both men and women will recognize themselves in the stories and anecdotes told.

There is no low point in the show, and I’ve genuinely not laughed so consistently throughout a play for a very long time. The hour and a half flies by. Full of quick-fired, witty exchanges and on point observational comedy, it’s a must-see.

Desperate Housemen is on every night at the Le Grand Point Virgule theatre in Paris. Would highly recommend if you speak French/like comedy/are in Paris (admittedly, that’s a lot of ‘if’). You can book tickets here.

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