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At the Walt Disney exhibition in Paris

Disclaimer: I recently went back home, so you might see a fair bit of France in my next few posts. Bear with me, I promise I’ll get back to moaning about Arsenal and the rise of western neo-fascism shortly.

Via a collection of almost 400 pieces including sketches, drawings, videos and physical mock-up models, the ‘L’Art des studios d’Animation Walt Disney – Le Mouvement par Nature‘ exhibition is a tribute to the amazing talent and innovation of the Disney studios through the ages, since the 1930s.

The exhibition goes back to Disney’s humble black and white beginnings, through to the advances it led in the fields of animated picture and sound. It describes some of the amazing initiatives Disney went through to achieve on-screen realism. This includes bringing and observing real-life animals (including f*cking lions!) to their offices in order to perfect the body movement of characters.

The exhibition discusses all of the studio’s classic movies, from Snow White through to Pinocchio, Dumbo, Lion King, as well as the latest successes like Frozen. Through it, you can observe changing artistic trends and stylistic influences, which is pretty cool. I especially liked the concept art.

Walt Disney is one cinema’s greatest ever artists, and the exhibition is a wonderful tribute to his long-lasting legacy. Go check it out if you have a chance!

The exhibition in on until 5th March (end of this week, so hurry up) at the Musee of Art Ludique in Paris. You can book tickets here.

PS: don’t think I was allowed to take pictures inside, so I basically risked my life for you. Just saying…

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