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David Brent: Life on the Road Film Review

I recently re-watched Ricky Gervais’ The Office movie, David Brent: Life on the Road, so I thought I’d write a quick review. Based on the iconic 2001 sitcom, in my opinion one of the greatest British comedies all of time, Life on the Road follows cringy middle-aged loser David Brent, 15 years after the events on the original series.

The mocumentary format remains the same, and frankly had a lot of hype to live up to. I watched the movie expecting a good time, but resigned that there was little chance it could be as good as the TV show. I was wrong. The film is genuinely brilliant. The trademark awkward, silent humour remains equally hilarious and uncomfortable.

The concept of following the Brentmeister on tour in his sad, delusional quest to become a pop star opens up countless opportunities for ridiculous song lyrics and on-stage antics. The one about the disabled was a personal highlight.

The premise pf Brent trying to be down with the kids but falling flat on his arse (occasionally literally) is painful to watch, in a good way. The rest of the cast, Dom Johnson in particular, are convincing in their exasperation towards the main protagonist, while their eventual fondness towards Brent is surprisingly touching.

Overall the movie showcases the best out of Ricky Gervais’ film making, combining the very funny and genuinely heart warming in a way the former radio host often does. The ending is awesome.

If you enjoyed the series, you’ll certainly enjoy the movie. Watch it.


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