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A few simple tips to get cheaper flights

I used to hate searching for flights and booking holidays, because I dislike admin stuff in general. But there is something exciting about skipping through pages and imagining what could be within just a few weeks’ time.

I don’t know about you, but I find looking for holidays is a great cure to needing a holidays as well. Anyway, here are a few tips to master your skills in finding cheap flights.

Airline’s webistes

It might sound obvious and well, it is, but sometimes going straight to the source is a good shout. Using airline’s websites instead of comparison sites can be a very sound option.

From Easyjet to Ryanair, there are plenty of budget airlines which offer competitive offers to amazing locations without requiring a third party to filter through the deals – while adding cheeky running costs on top. Click here for a list of budget airlines per continent.

But if you are going to compare, go Skyscanner!

Most of my recent holidays were booked via Skyscanner. I still can’t work out whether it’s a hidden secret or whether everyone uses it now. Anyway, it’s good! Skyscanner allows you to book holidays with a lot of flexibility, which is great if you’re traveling on a budget.

Put in your favoured dates and destinations to compare deals. You can also indicate if you’re flexible on arrival and departure dates and times. If you’re traveling from a big city like London, you can browse prices across all airports. too.

If you’re just looking to get away on the cheap and are open-minded about where to go, you can also look across all destinations, which is cool. For instance, on the below search I’m looking for cheap deals from any London airports to anywhere, on my birthday weekend:

Be flexible

If cheap if what you’re looking for, you should be flexible with when to go. There are plenty of different studies and articles about which day is cheapest to fly. Obviously, weekends are always up there because they allow you to take up less holidays.

Flying unsociable hours can be a good solution. Many of my recent holidays have begun with an alarm clock going off at 3 am to catch a 5 am flight, or something stupid. While this makes for a tough and coffee-packed morning, it generally means you get cheaper deals. Plus, you get a longer first holiday 🙂

Sign up to mailing list

Hold on, hear me out! I know mailists can be super spammy, and generally send far too many emails. That being said, signing up to them can also lead to some good surprises.

Budgets airlines in particular often regularly send emails with last minute deals. If like me, you think a last minute weekend in one of Europe’s greatest cities sounds like a better use of £30 than a couple of cocktails in an overpriced Soho bar, then give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Delete your cookies

Cookies are the personal information sites save when you visit them. This includes previous browsing data such as which flights and companies you searched for, etc. Cookies are basically the reason why flight prices tend to go up the more you search for them, as you get targeted with ‘personalised’ (pricer) packages.

Make sure you delete your cookies before searching again, so airlines will keep offering you the same original prices. Don’t get mugged off.

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