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A few highlights from 2016

For many, 2016 has been a year of death, conflict, retarded politics, etc. It’s been proper shit. For me, it’s actually been alright! I’ve been to many places, met amazing people and enjoyed really cool experiences all year round. It’s been busy, and it’s been a blast.

Work is going alright, and my dearest friends and family are well and doing great, which I don’t take for granted. Anyway, here are a few highlights from me.

There was a nice trip back home to start it all off:

And not one, but two new fucking STAR WARS FILM!

There was that very disappointing first time at Old Trafford:

View from the Stretford End

There was Berlin:

And the beautiful Budapest:

There was this awesome birthday cake:

And countless amazing days out in the world’s greatest city:

And that super relaxing trip to Mordor, or wherever the fuck this was:

There was that Euro where my team didn’t get knocked out by Iceland. Don’t have a pic for that, just wanted to bring it up.

And one of the best holidays I’ve been on:

Quite hard to narrow down the pictures from that one…

There was that weird night club in Portsmouth, with ball pits, climbing frames and stuff…

And wishing I was black at Notting Hill Carnival:

And the long trips to Zurich for work:

There was this outpoor of solidarity after you know what:

There was this little addition to the family:

And a new beginning (I’ve tidied up since moving in)

There was the time my family came to visit in London:

And fulfilling my Joker makeup fantasy:

There were the Arsenal games:

And that badboy signed shirt I’m still excited about:

There was Bucharest:

And this terrifyingly terrific view from the top of the Shard:

And a lovely family Christmas to wrap things up:

During which I ate so much I felt like this:

Most importantly, there were the best mates one could ask for:

To all of you reading this blog, I wish you a very happy new year. Fuck it, happy new year even if you don’t read it.

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