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Wander round the Romanian Parliament


The absolutely colossal Palace of Parliament, standing tall at the heart of Bucharest is probably the city’s main tourist attraction. At least, it is the most spectacular. The seat of the Romanian Parliament, it began being built in the 1980s after dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu visited North Korea.20161119_115653

As you do when a dictator, he loved the whole over the top architectural thing and sought inspiration from his trip to Pyongyang. Here are a few pictures from our visits, along with a few fun facts:20161126_131311

The Romanian Parliament is the second largest administrative building in the word, after the Pentagon. It’s 84m high, and covers an area of 365,000 m220161126_130859 Although the interior is made up of 23 sections including a Senate, Chamber of Deputies, 3 museums and tons of rooms available to hire for conferences and international events, 70% of the building is actually empty.20161119_121536

In 1990, old fascist prick Rupert Murdoch tried to buy the building for $1b. Of course he did. His bid was ultimately turned down.20161126_131059

Between 20,000 and 100,000 people worked on the construction site. Works were carried out by forced labor of soldiers to keep costs down #SoCommunist20161126_131015

The building isn’t actually finished. Only 400 rooms and two meeting rooms are completed and used, out of 1,100 rooms.20161119_130734

The building has eight underground levels including an anti-atomic bunker because Nicolae Ceausescu feared nuclear attacks.20161119_115929

The building is 2% larger in volume than the Great Pyramid of Giza.15215790_10209069747193982_1570937309_o

The building sinks by 6 mm each year, because it’s too heavy.20161119_102903

The building was constructed entirely of Romanian materials.20161119_115230

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