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6 alternative things to visit over a weekend in London

(Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are mine)

London is a great destination for a long weekend away, especially if you’re coming from the other side of the English Channel. Nowadays, only a couple of hours on the Eurostar separate the British capital from its French counterpart. It’s pretty handy, especially if like me you’re scared of not a fan of flying.

Throughout my time here, I’ve had family visit many times, often staying for a few days. These are always action-packed, absolutely tiring but very fun weekends. It’s always nice to share a bit of my world with those I don’t see often. Anyway, here is a list of 6 quirky things to check out during a weekend in London.20160619_123220The Leake Street Tunnel

Located just a short walk away from Waterloo station at the heart of central London, Leake Street’s old abandoned tunnel is a real hidden gem. From the outside, it looks grim. Beyond appearances though, the graffiti tunnel first decorated by renown street artist Banksy, is an ever evolving work of street art. It is full of colourful political and artistic messages. Click here to see a few more pictures.

Jimmy Hendrix’s old flat

Situated in Brook Street in Mayfair, the Handel House Museum commemorates two different but hugely influential musicians: the German composer George Frideric Handel, and psychedelic rock icon Jimi Hendrix. Both were neighbours (240 years apart, anyway)

The tribute to Hendrix, who lived there between 1968-9, is open since February this year. The flat’s upper floors have recently been returned to their original state, and visitors can explore the place in which Hendrix wrote some of his best-loved songs. Tickets can be bought on the Handel & Hendrix site.

Harry Potter pop up shop

There are few things which scream ‘British’ more than Harry Potter. Good news if you’re a fan, your favourite wizard now has his own pop-up shop! The House of MinaLima exhibition is full of graphic art and authentic film props from the Harry Potter films. It also has stuff on the recently released and highly praised Potter sequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Items on display include limited edition prints from the movies, postcards, Daily Prophet headlines, prop replicas, Hogwarts Acceptance Letters, Quidditch World Cup posters and much more. Hurry up, it’s only around until February 2017.


Cahoots bar

An elegant and cozy 1950s themed cocktail bar, Cahoots is a relatively unknown underground venue situated in an abandoned station in Soho, one of London’s liveliest areas. Everything from the tables to the menus, toilets and staff look super authentic, which makes it a very fun place to grab a few drinks.

Hidden in speakeasy fashion and indicated by a mock ‘to the trains’ sign. You’ll need to ask for ‘the captain’ on arrival. Make sure you book in advance!
20150426_115239Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

This alternative museum was created by eccentric American Robert Ripley. It is the home of bizarre, full of the strangest items, events and stories all certified to be true. The concept has been adapted into book, newspaper, radio and TV formats around the world. London’s Ripley’s opened in 2008, and is one of 32 Ripley’s worldwide. Every year, it attracts million of visitors.

Items which can be found include a maze I spent more time in than intended, a weird black hole experience, a T-Rex, a real life model of tallest man ever Robert Wadlow and some really cool art as well, such as this Michael Jackson picture made of sweets. Go figure…

Jack the Ripper tour

Finally, if you’re into the creepy historical stuff, there are plenty of guided tours about East London’s most famous and gruesome mass murderer: Jack the Ripper. While the identify of the mysterious figure behind the horrific slaughters of 1888 remains unknown to this day (and probably always will), there is a lot that is known about him. Or her. Well let’s be honest, probably him.

Most tours will explore the specific locations where the Ripper’s victims were discovered, for a trip into the macabre past and appealing living conditions of 19th century Victorian London.

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  1. Some really good alternative things to do in London. I have done the Jack the Ripper tour and I can recommend it.

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