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There’s a free art exhibition going on at Regent’s Park’s


The other day, I randomly came across a modern art exhibition while walking through Regent’s Park. Nice one London. The Frieze Sculpture Park was part of Frieze Art, an international fair which took place in early October this year, and attracted over 1,000 of today’s leading artists.20161006_171058


Although the main tickets-only exhibition is now over, the English Gardens in the south-east corner of Regent’s Park have been transformed into a temporary, free sculpture park. The exhibits are set to stay on display until early January 2017.


20161006_171251Curated since 2012 by Clare Lilley of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the park features a selection of 20 major works by 20th century masters as well as younger artists. The park is one of Central London’s largest ever free outdoor art programmes.

I’ll be honest, I’m not generally that keen on modern art. I’ve always been more impressed by architecture and traditional painting than by a few white rocks sitting a plank of wood, allegedly representing the heaviness of social expectations weighting upon the rawness and enthusiasm of youth. That one exists by the way:20161006_171339

I haven’t even visited the big London contemporary museums, like the Tate Modern. As quirky, thoughtful landscape features to contemplate whilst taking a stroll in one of the capital’s nicest parks though, it kind of works.

The Frieze Sculpture Park will be open until Sunday, January 8th, 2017. Find out more.

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