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Suicide Squad Film Review


The other day, I finally watched Suicide Squad. I originally meant to see it at the cinema, in an attempt to find closure from the awful Batman v Superman. But as the reviews were shit, I saved my money.

It is therefore with low expectations that I pressed play on Squad. First things first, I must say it is a better effort than DC’s disastrous debut feature. Some of the characters are genuinely good and charismatic, with Margot Robbie’s Harley Queen the movie’s indisputable highlight. Will Smith’s Deadshot is also cool and relatable, whilst the opening backstory clips of how the Squad members got locked up is slick.

There’s a downside. Or two, or more. While Harley and Deadshot are appealing, the rest of the Squad are so disposable I probably wouldn’t recognise them if they walked past on the street. Well, I would probably recognise reptilian monster Killer Croc and human torch Diablo, but you know…


That’s because the film tries hard to fit in countless protagonists in order to lay the foundations for an Avengers-like franchise – including cameos by Batman and the Flash – that there simply is no time for character development.

Like Batman v Superman, the film is messy and lacks structure. At times, it feels like watching a 2-hour sequence of mini trailers chasing an iconic moment or one-liner. And the fight scenes are not as spectacular as they should be, because shot from too close and mostly in the dark.

The most disappointing contribution of this movie goes to Jared Leto’s Joker, who barely appears. The laugh is crazy, sure, but the character ultimately does far too little to make his alleged madness convincing. In fairness, he also¬†suffers the inevitable comparison with the late Heath Ledger’s mesmerising mad clown from The Dark Knight.

5/10, because I would probably watch a Suicide Squad 2 too made by a more talented director capable of resisting outside interference – the film was largely re-shot, and it shows. Also, I would definitely watch a Harley spin off.

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