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My evening at the pub with Donald Trump


There are few positives to be drawn from the frightening reality that weeks away from the US election, Donald Trump’s presidential ‘campaign’ still shows no signs of slowing down.

But there is one positive. Sound debate, critical thinking and decency’s loss have been comedy’s gain! Since the Republican candidate’s rise to prominence, parodies and impressions have flourished the world over. The other night I went to watch Trumpageddon, a satirical stand up by comedian and Trump impersonator Jay Bird. The show was held at the King’s Head Theatre, near Angel station.

As well as his convincing disguise and remarkable mannerism as America’s orange Mussolini, Bird was particularly good in his outrageous, improvised exchanges with the small audience of the gig. While his vocal impression wasn’t quite spot on for me, the Q&A session format of his performance worked very well within the small theatre atmosphere of the venue.

Equally offensive and only mildly exaggerated (but somewhat funnier than the real thing), Bird does a great job of portraying the Donald’s stupidity, misogyny and xenophobia without chickening out of any topic. In the typical cultural diversity which characterises a London crowd, this was daring but an absolute winner.

Of course, none of his jokes were personal and Bird was quick enough to apologise for any offence caused afterwards. He even paused for a few selfies at the end.


Tickets for Trumpageddon are available on the Kind’s Head Theatre site – or via the YPlan app, which is where I got mine. Go check it out.

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