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Brexit means Brexit means…breakfast?


Disclaimer: this post is based on real-life proposals by a real-life politician. It isn’t a satirical piece.

Prior to the referendum, people thought there was no Brexit plan. Well, turns out we were mistaken all along! This week, the UK government announced that tea, jam and biscuit will be at the centre of the UK’s trade strategy post-Brexit. Oh yeah.

Speaking in Paris, capital of my homeland France where the word ‘biscuit’ was invented, Environment Minister Andrea Leadsom unveiled plans to export the foods and drinks to bring a much-needed economic boost, which has seen the Pound collapse since June.

Leadsom hopes this will bring £2.9bn to the UK economy over five years, tapping into nine markets across 18 countries. This includes an extra £185m in exports to Japan, and almost £300m to Australian and New Zealand.

Naturally, the ludicrous ‘proposal’ has been slated on social media, and Twitter in particular. I’ll let the tweets do the talking.


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