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20 Weird things found in London bins


Environmental waste removal company Envirowaste revealed some of the weirdest things people have binned in the capital over the years. It’s erm, quite an original mix of items really.

Ranging from the very old relics to totally new and functional electronics, the list includes several household classics such as the bones of Apostle St Clement (the third ever Pope, and successor to St Peter), a nude painting of Albert Einstein and a Victorian dildo. Anyway, here’s the top 20:

  1. A dead, stuffed cat dressed in a baby’s onesie
  2. The bones of Apostle St Clement
  3. A nude painting of Albert Einstein
  4. A sealed box full of maggots
  5. A life sized rubber doll (still inflated)
  6. A fully working Apple Macbook
  7. A vacuum sealed £5 note with Prince Charles’ signature
  8. A Super Soaker full of urine
  9. A prosthetic leg
  10. A laminated love letter
  11. Sony PlayStation Portable Development Kit
  12. A bag of what looked like body hair
  13. Goodrich Standby Attitude Indicator – worth £2,500
  14. 100 year old Suffragette leaflets
  15. A 60 year old Kodak camera
  16. A Victorian dildo
  17. A 116 year old scientific drawing set by Davis & Son
  18. A notebook filled, from cover to cover, with the words ‘I’m the Devil’
  19. A shoebox filled with dozens of mouse skeletons
  20. Old chips (from casinos that have since closed down)

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