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Month: October 2016

My evening at the pub with Donald Trump

There are few positives to be drawn from the frightening reality that weeks away from the US election, Donald Trump’s presidential ‘campaign’ still shows no signs of slowing down. But there is one positive. Sound debate, critical thinking and decency’s loss have been comedy’s gain! Since the Republican candidate’s rise…

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20 Weird things found in London bins

Environmental waste removal company Envirowaste revealed some of the weirdest things people have binned in the capital over the years. It’s erm, quite an original mix of items really. Ranging from the very old relics to totally new and functional electronics, the list includes several household classics such as the bones…

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International break: the Arsenal season recap

So, it’s that boring time again: the international break. Woohoo. Not. Time to interrupt another fascinating Premier League season so England can thrash the Faeroe Islands or similar, thereby launching another disappointing campaign scheduled to end roughly next time they play a remotely big team in a remotely important game.…

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Imperium Film Review

Harry Potter is back! And this time, he’s a skin-headed undercover FBI agent infiltrating Neo-Nazi, white supremacist groups in America’s deep south. Yep. I went to see Daniel Radcliffe’s latest movie Imperium, and it’s fair to say it’s a little different to the Potter stuff. Radcliffe’s been known for taking…

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