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Official: Northern Line passengers are dicks


Appreciate this title might sound a little judgmental, but there is some research behind it! According to TFL stats, passengers on the Northern line are the most badly behaved across London’s tube network. Looking at data collected over the past year, it is estimated 389 out of 2316 incidents involving anti-social or criminal behaviour on the Underground occurred on the Northern Line. My one, obvs. And the worst station? Golders Green, apparently. My one, obvs -_-

This includes anything from fights, drunken disorder (in London, I know!), people throwing up, setting of alarms. All the good stuff. The full list goes:

1. Northern line – 389 incidents

2. Jubilee line – 350 incidents

3. Piccadilly line – 293 incidents

4. Central line – 279 incidents

4. Victoria line – 257 incidents

To contextualise the numbers, a TFL spokesman said: “The Tube network is a safe, low-crime environment with very few people ever experiencing or witnessing crime. The Northern and Jubilee lines rank among the top four busiest railway lines in the country with more than 360 million passenger journeys made annually.

Alternative theory: stop cooking up NL commuters in unnecessarily hot carriages like roast chickens, and they’ll stop behaving like farm animals. Hopefully.

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