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#PokémonGoHome, London’s latest brilliant anti-Brexit protest


London’s ability to satirically protest against Brexit hit a new high this week, as posters featuring Pokémon appeared around the city, with captions such as “by 2019 your Pokémon may lose their right to live in the UK” and “just because your #Pokémon is here, doesn’t mean it will stay”.

Making the most of the capital’s obsession with the mobile phenomenon, campaigners used the eye-catching little creatures to highlight the uncertainty surrounding residency rights of EU migrants working in the UK – it’s estimated 500,000 risk deportation once Britain eventually triggers Article 50.

The #PokémonGoHome campaign directs people to a website with a petition demanding EU citizens be allowed to stay in the UK with the same rights following Brexit. The petition currently has over 5K signatures, half way through the 10K it needs to require a government response.

London is used to wacky protests to draw public attention. But using Pokémon to humanise foreign workers has got to be up there with some of the more creative and daring stuff I’ve seen in recent years. Nice effort:

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