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Did the Nazis bomb your house during the war?


From October 1940 to June 1941, Britain was continuously bombed by the Nazi war machine, with an estimated 30,000 bombs dropped across the 8 month period. Particularly targeted was the country’s economic heart and capital city, which alone was on the receiving end of about half the total firepower.

In many ways, the Blitz has become a modern symbol of London’s character: successful against all of the odds, tenacious in the face of adversity and capable of the most unexpected elan of solidarity for a place allegedly so cold and reclusive.

My personal reflection on the Blitz is marginally more shallow. Basically: would I have been alright during the war, or would my house have been bombed? Well, now there’s a website to find out! Bomb Sight uses data from the National Archive, so you can look up your own street and location to see the extent of damage. Pretty interesting.

The impact points are indicated by a frightening number of little red dots, which virtually cover up the empire map when zoomed out. And the verdict? Well it turns out my area of Golders Green, renown as London’s Jewish heartland, was ironically left relatively untouched during WWII:


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