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Life on the Road trailer looks awesome

This week, the official trailer for Ricky Gervais’ Life on the Road came out. The film, set for release this August, will feature the comedian’s cringy office boss and part-time entertainer David Brent from the iconic series The Office.

And it looks really good! The Office is genuinely one of my favourite shows, definitely the best British sitcom I’ve ever enjoyed. The film seems to rely on the same winning combination of awkward silences and excruciatingly inappropriate humour as the original, with the same documentary-like narrative style which makes it so realistic.

Because, you know, a good idea is a good idea FOREVER. The film follows Brent on tour with his band Foregone Conclusion, and promises plenty of jokes on usual taboo topics like sex, disability, race and much more. Can’t wait. Check out the trailer.

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