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The Fork Awakens: Star Wars restaurant to open in London


What happens when you mix a Star Wars theme with a quirky place to eat in London? A post on this blog, of course! At long last we have it, a space opera-inspired restaurant in the capital. Entitled The Fork Awakens (genius), a pop-up restaurant will open in the summer, thanks to the people at Barrel and Forks, an immersive dining experience company.

The temporary canteen is set to take place from June 22nd to July 1st, although the location is currently unknown and will be disclosed just 48 hours beforehand – no doubt an attempt to hide the clandestine rebel enterprise from roaming imperial troops. Tickets cost £60 per head (about 60 portions), although I’m pretty sure they’re already sold out. Never mind.

Anyway, just because I couldn’t resist, here are a few items I’d expect to find on the menu:

  • Darth Mauled wine
  • 3 Leia chocolate cake
  • stir fried Ewok noodles
  • butter Coruscants
  • hot x wings (or hoth wings?)
  • Qui Gon Jinn (and tonic)
  • Flan Solo
  • seafood PO
  • Red Thai (fighter) curry

And of course, Rey’s funky Jakku bubble bread thing:


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