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Paris v London: let’s settle it

Paris and London are my two favourite cities in the world, both home to majestic architecture, inspiring cultural diversity and fantastic opportunities. There’s always been a bit of a healthy rivalry between the two cities.

But which one’s better? French blog ParisZigZag looked at all the indicators that really matter, from who’s got the coolest bars and hottest girls to the nicest food – although we all know who wins that one. They turned the big question into a funky set of infographics. So are you team frogs or a rosbeef? Here’s a little help to make up your mind:


Hassmannian architecture versus the old Victoria style? All a matter of personal taste. Either way, they make for amazing sights. Verdict: draw.


Paris’s tourist buses might look nice, but when it comes to iconic vehicles there is only one winner. From the iconic, overpriced and soon-to-be-extinct black cabs to the bright red buses, London public transports always make for a nice post cards. Verdict: London.


The picture says it all really. Though unfair in suggesting all English ladies look like female weight-lifters wearing unconvincing wigs, it’s kind of spot on in the fashion sense department. Verdict: Paris.

Verdict: London.


Sure, the Queen’s cooler than Francois Hollande (who isn’t). However, David Cameron and Boris Johnson. Verdict: draw.


Paris’s crazy, baguette-crazy pigeons versus London’s squirrels? Not relevant really, but from Hyde Park to Richmond, London really does have some wonderful green spaces. Verdict: London.


John Lennon, just because rocker Johnny Haliday might be France’s most notorious symbol of pickiness. Verdict: London.


For some reason, in 2016 France still goes by some outdated 18th century Christian tradition of virtually shutting down on Sunday, which means that most places are closed. A big contrast with London, which stays lively 24/7. Verdict: London.


Clubs in Paris open later which is a plus. Also, French people don’t drink themselves into the gutter by 10 pm, which is a bigger plus. Verdict: Paris, for retaining for dignity in drinking.


Verdict: Paris.


In all honesty and despite cliches, the weather’s virtually the same in both cities. Verdict: draw.


‘There are severe delays on the Piccadilly line. The Victoria line is part suspended between Brixton and Victoria. There are minor delays on the Central line. All other lines are operating a good service.’ Fucking fab. At least we’re only paying 320 quid for a monthly pass…Verdict: anywhere that’s not London.

Final score: Paris 4 – 5 London


  1. Coming from Paris and living in London for a while, this post made me laugh! I agree with most of your choices but I have to disagree regarding the weather. When the sky in Paris is grey on the morning there’s no much chance it’s going to change for the entire day 🙂

    • Valentin Valentin

      I take your point, in fairness London’s the only place where I’ve ever sunburned on a snowy day :p Thanks for stopping by! ps: t’es francaise? 🙂

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