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Captain America: Civil War review


More like it. After the horror that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I was put off superhero movies for a while. It’s with a great deal of apprehension I decided to give the latest Captain America: Civil War a chance.

Thematically, the film draws similarities with Zack Snyder’s latest flop, which is also centred around human politics and their growing fear of a group of all-powerful beings. When it comes to execution though, the films could not be any more different.

Whereas Batman v Superman takes you to an unnecessarily dark and downbeat place, the new Avengers Captain America (woops, sorry) film takes a leaf out of Deadpool’s book, combining the action thrills with a fun and quasi ironic approach to superheroes which is super entertaining.

The new character introductions – Black Panther, Ant-Man and Spiderman – are good, especially the last 2. The idea of Ant-Man being a massive Captain fanboy, and Spiderman a kid on work experience hoping to impress Tony Stark are brilliant. The fit Aunt May flirting with Iron Man is also a really fun concept.

As usual, the rest of a cast deliver good performances, with Downey Jr as always the effortless stand out, cool character in the role of Iron Man/really just himself.

Like Batman v Superman, the film is action packed but returns to a more traditional, pre-Chistopher Nolan approach to Marvel which is refreshing. The main battle scene between the split Avengers, where the Black Widow interrupts her fight to the death against Clint Barton with a light-hearted, ‘we’re still friend though, right?‘ sums up the spirit of the film. Good fun, and a solid choice to destroy a bag of popcorn over.


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