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St Paul’s Cathedral at night

Constructed between 1675 and 1720 as part of the city’s rebuilding following the Great Fire of London, St Paul’s Cathedral is an iconic feature of the capital’s skyline, and the fifth Church to be built in this spot. Towering at 365ft (that’s 111m for those of you civilised people reading), its dome is one of the highest in the world. It stands among the most recognisable sights in London.

St Paul’s occupies a special place in British culture. During WWII, it survived the chaos of the Blitz to become a symbol of hope and resilience, immortalised by the iconic St Paul’s Survives shot taken on 29 December 1940.

It’s also hosted a range of historically significant ceremonies, from Lord Nelson and Sir Winston Churchill’s funerals to Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebrations and Charles and Diana’s wedding. But to be completely honest, this whole prelude was just a excuse to share a few pictures. Enjoy.






  1. From a Belgian gal in London, I also love St Paul’s, so recognizable. And still thanks for the prelude, I never looked it up!

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