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If Carlsberg did ‘chocolate bars’


We all know Carlsberg for the average-tasting beer and funky ‘If Carlsberg did’ adverts. Well to celebrate the Easter weekend (I know, bit late now but to be fair I was away on holiday!), the Danish brewing company set up a pop-up bar made entirely of chocolate. It was located in the Shoreditch area, just outside the Truman Brewery.

Entitled If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars – get it?? – the 5-metres wide and 2-metres high ‘establishment’ contained all features you’d expect to find in a good old English pub, but made of chocolate: from the pint glasses and stools all the way to the individual darts on the board. In total, nearly half a tonne of chocolate was used to construct the mock bar!

Obviously Unfortunately, the pub was only a temporary promotional set which stayed for a day only. Hopefully someone will take inspiration and open a permanent version. Still, if Carlsberg did Easter PR stunts..

PS: I’m still looking for the flat in the video below…

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