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5 Star Wars spin-offs waiting to happen

With Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm for $4bn, we’re seeing plans for new Star Wars movies right, left and centre. As well as the new trilogy which began with The Force Awakens, there is a number of spin offs including the upcoming Rogue One and a Han Solo film both in the pipeline. If you’re reading this Disney, let this post be my Star Wars spin-off wishlist.


Darth Maul: Origins

One of the most badass and wasted characters in Star Wars cinema history, chopped in half two sentences into his short Sith career. Darth Maul was so cool he was brought back in the Clone Wars TV series sporting metal legs – after all, if everyone’s getting metal hands then why not?

Looking back at his training as a dark side adept and the period prior to The Phantom Menace would make for an epic film. And he definitely couldn’t get killed off in that one.


Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Named after a classic PC game, and focusing on the aftermath of Return of the Jedi and the academy set up by Luke Skywalker. This film would feature Skywalker at the peak of his power, something fans never really got to see since the original trilogy ends along his own training to become a master.

This movie could examine how Luke attempted to single-handedly revive the Jedi Order, and could also trace Ben Solo’s fall and betrayal and the birth of Kylo Ren.

Battle_of_Jakku The Battle of Jakku

The Battle of Jakku was the key turning point when the New Republic confronted and defeated Imperial holdouts on the desert planet, hence the breathtakingly nostalgic Star Destroyer debris featured in The Force Awakens.

If the battle-scarred landscape of Jakku look so spectacular three fictional decades on, one can only imagine how awesome the battle would have been. Or, someone could make a film of it!

Wolfpack_AleenThe Clone Wars

Everyone loved the series, which featured many new worlds, creatures and spectacular battle. A CW film would also feature Anakin Skywalker at war, which would be a good opportunity to expose his darker side as well as dwell into his personal relationship with Obi-Wan.

That would be super cool, and surely make Anakin’s seemingly rushed transition to the dark side in Episode III more natural too.

maxresdefaultDarth Vader: Order 67

Order 66 marked the end of the Jedi Order, and came with the assumption that Yoda and Obi Wan were the only surviving members. However, it would be fair to speculate that since the Jedi were so powerful, many would have survive the ambush.

As the name suggest, Order 67 would focus on Vader’s important assignment after he was recovered from Mustafar, as Palpatine sends him across the galaxy to hunt down the surviving Jedi. Epic.

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