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Feeding Franklin’s hidden gem restaurants

When it comes to good food and eating out, London is a pretty good place to be. If you’re one of those people always on the look out for hidden gems and nice culinary treats, then read on! Introducing the first ever guest post on this blog, I’d like to pass over to Amy, a food blogger at Feeding Franklin who shares a few of her special spots.

London is packed with eating and drinking establishments and things to do – we really are spoilt when it comes to choice. I made a new year’s resolution a couple of years ago to stop going to the same places all the time and make the most of what was on offer – I’ve been on a mission ever since and started Feeding Franklin to keep a record of it all! Here are my current favourites…

A gorgeous little Greek restaurant on Bateman Street, run by the delightful Irene. The menu is grilled meats in the form of wraps and skewers, or a lovely platter with a bit of everything. The salads are incredible, with Greek salad of course, and a beautiful baked feta option that steams as you open it and fills your lunch hour with heavenly oregano wafts. The Greek coffee ice cream is homemade on site and not to be missed.

On the Bab
Another street food concept gone permanent, this is another teeny venue with a very casual vibe. My favourite is in Covent Garden but they’re also in Marylebone and Shoreditch. It Korean fare with plenty of spice, and it’s lots of small dishes at low prices so you can order loads. Alternatively, you can order larger meat options, of which you’d probably only have the one. The kimchi is incredible.5cb006de-cc62-4313-8e0f-93300acf51fb

Donostia Social Club
If you’ve been to San Sebastian you’ll be familiar with pintxos – little (or slightly bigger) morsels of deliciousness, sometimes on sticks, sometimes not. Donostia Social Club is in Pop Brixton, and also pops up in other places like the food market on the South Bank. On a sunny day there’s nothing better than a cold Cava, some fresh crab on toast and some piquant chorizo in a tiny baguette.Donostia2

Hidden away in Chinatown (Gerrard St) it’s a little cocktail bar that pretends to be rough and ready but feels opulent and stylish. The cocktails are unique and delicious, and it’s great being somewhere that feels like a secret. A great place for a cocktail after a rough and ready Chinese.

Blacklock (Great Windmill Street)
The BEST chops you will eat in London. Ex-Hawksmoor founders, the meat is absolutely spectacular quality and the sides are imaginative. Great staff, they play 80s music and it’s in a basement that’s a former brothel. What more do you need?!

Chocolate museum (Brixton)
Delicious, fun and educational – it’s a random little place with an exhibition and little workshops, hidden away from the main drag. Definitely worth a look around, if only for the gorgeous hot chocolate

228d9404-0f40-4536-a137-f3c7b18f3dc6For more London foodie tips, follow Amy @AmoFranklin

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