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Cahoots bar review

I’ve been looking forward to an evening at Cahoots for a long (long) time. Having heard of the then newly opened Soho bar at the end of last summer, it took almost 4 months to finally get a table for peak tie on a Saturday night!

An elegant and welcoming 1950s themed cocktail bar, Cahoots is a small underground venue located in an abandoned tube station in one of the liveliest areas of London. Hidden in speakeasy fashion and indicated by a mock ‘to the trains’ sign, it is guarded by staff who will ask you if you’re here to see someone on arrival, to which you’re supposed to say ‘the captain’. Needless to say I wasn’t aware of this, which was a little awkward until my friend came to the rescue.

20160116_190236 In a comfortable and cozy setting, Cahoots takes you back to the Blitz years when Londoners would escape the daily struggle of war by drinking and dancing away their sorrow in subterranean venues.

The place is brilliant and really looks the part. From the retro train seats to the nibbles served in old tins, the funny posters in the toilets and the newspaper-styled menus, it really feels like taking a step back in time. The welcoming staff, dressed up for the occasion and talking in old English, take on their roles to perfection also.

20160116_191453 Cahoots felt comfortable and classy, with the right amount of people and music to enjoy a good time with friends in relative calm whilst getting in the party mood.

The cocktails were nice, too. While the majority of drinks were rum and gin based, there is a large and original enough selection for everyone to find something of their liking. Most beverages were around £10, which isn’t cheap but neither out of price for the area. Taking into account the quality of both the experience and drinks, it felt reasonably priced.


20160116_194049 Cahoots is a great venue to kick start a night out in town. As it is small and highly demanded, you won’t be able to book in for longer than 2.5 hours and a group of 8 so plan accordingly. But if you’re into quirky themed bars and seeking something new and fun at the heart of central London, Cahoots is a must-visit.

Cahoots is located at Kingly Court, and is open 7 days a week. Nearest station Piccadilly Circus. Follow the sign to the trains, and make sure you book in advance.

And if anyone asks remember, you’re there to see the captain.



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