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2016 blogging goals


It’s that time of the year again, when we all make overly ambitious New Year resolutions and commitments we know we’ll never stick to.

So instead of making another set of endless promises I’ve no intention of actually following (finally stepping into a gym, drinking less, giving up Facebook, don’t pretend you don’t know the kind), I’ve decided to compile a list of my personal blogging goals for the upcoming year. Here goes!

Social media goals

  • Break the 1000 Twitter followers barrier
  • Get up to 300 Insta followers
  • Get 100 likes on my Facebook page (recently started, and a VERY long way off – pleaaase help? 🙂 )
  • @ companies and people into relevant tweets more often
  • Spend more time promoting posts on social media more generally

Authority targets

  • Grow my Domain Authority to 25 (currently 20)
  • Double my overall visits
  • Double my search engine visits
  • Attract 10 natural links
  • Get one outstanding piece of promotion/PR
  • Reduce my bounce rate
  • Reduce the percentage of my visitors coming from the US (nothing personal guys, just not my local target group!)

Posting & activity

  • Help someone set up a blog
  • Write a blog post about a charity cause I feel strongly about
  • Reply to all comments on my blog
  • Do 5 guest posts
  • Host 5 guest posts
  • Write 100 posts in total
  • Read more blogs

What are your blogging goals for 2016? Leave your comments below!


  1. Good luck on your goals. I am terrible at replying back to blog comments! I think i’ll have to add this to my list of things to do and get into the habit of it.



    • Valentin Valentin

      Thanks! Yep so am I, need to get into the habit too – starting now 🙂 Thanks for commenting

  2. It’s quite funny as I have been blogging for five years, 4 of them as a business and yet I never make blog goals, other than to blog as often as I can. Good luck with your goals – you have a great set of priorities.

    • Valentin Valentin

      Thank you! Now onto the harder part of making them happen 🙂

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