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#Throwback Thursday: 2015 in 12 pictures

This year’s been a very good one. I’ve been on a few interesting holidays and got a new job for a brilliant company. I’ve also watched this blog grow and attract a lot of positive comments, along with a few perks from various partnerships.

More importantly, I’ve made lots of made great memories with the people that matter most. I’ll let the pictures do the talking with a few visual highlights. May 2016 be as eventful!

January – started on a bang with a great NYE night out10884849_817098215003279_263162506_n

February – had a great time in Amsterdam10647208_10205810023551347_5393898382917321659_n

March – was so happy to have so many friends come down for my birthday. Great night!11090417_860263934020040_1789654060_n

April – few interesting days out in London, including visiting Ripleys11188153_10206198563184595_6130134160019376597_n

May – went to Edinburgh for a long weekend. The city’s as amazing as it is rainy. Which is pretty amazing.


June – went to Germany for the first time for a David Guetta gig.11208637_10206688518793179_4388491440985762423_n

August – had a lovely summer holiday, Eastern Europe themed. Croatia then Prague. Leaving July out because it was so uninteresting.20150809_131945


September – summer holiday hangover, but kept busy with a few London events


October – new job in Farringdon! Lovely area


November – went to the England v France game in the wake of the Paris attacks. Amazing night on so many levels


December – Christmas in the homeland to wrap up the year. Although London looked lovely, so you can have picture of that!



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