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7 Christmas work party regulars

It’s that time of the year again: girls dress up, everyone drinks up and gets ready for the traditional work Christmas do. An opinion poll recently carried out shows that 26% of people asked say they regret something they’ve done at their yearly company celebration, from getting a little too close with a colleague to drinking their way to the gutter.

I’ve had my Christmas party this week and thankfully, I think my ‘rep’ came off relatively unharmed (overly enthusiastic singing to Justin Bieber songs aside). GIF style, here are 7 people that always seem to find their way to Christmas work parties.

giphy (1)

The drunk boss – most of us are concerned about making tits of ourselves in front of our respective managers. Often though, it’s the other way around!


The crazy dancer – you can never guess who it is. In fact, it’s often the quiet one who sits in the corner by the printer. But when the music comes on, it’s all about moonwalks and the Single Ladies dance routine.

giphy (2)

The one who looks like they only came for the food – spoiler alert: this year, that was me.

giphy (3)

The improvised dj – usually operating from their mobile phone or Youtube, they take David Guetta lyrics a little too seriously. They work hard, play hard and party like it’s their job.


The one who doesn’t want to be there/suddenly seems to get a text message every 30 seconds.


The can’t switch off – and still talks about managing client expectations against overly optimistic deadlines given the scope of activities to deliver. Come on mate, it’s like 1 am.

200 (1)

The shots lover – why, why WHY??

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