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Introducing Victorian November

So I’m trying something new, and would like to introduce my first ever themed blogging month: Victorian November! In popular culture, the Victorian era is often regarded as a bit of a dark and gloomy period. Conveniently, that’s exactly how November feels.

Summer is now long gone, and the shit weather is yet to be compensated by the euphoria of the festive period. Basically, it’s really not that great a month. For all its flaws, the Victorian era was also a time of significant social change. The 19th century was incredibly busy, increasingly metropolitan and undoubtedly very enlightening a time.

In many way hence, it is a reflection of my own personal circumstances. I’m going through big changes myself, having recently changed jobs and joined a big digital agency in central London. Yeah I know, the latter link’s pretty tedious.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Victorian November posts. Stay tuned!






Who let this phrase die out??


Oh yes that’s right, a device to reshape your head!

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